Hope Alleyne Washburne portrayed by Zoe Saldana is the daughter of Zoe Alleyne Washburne and the deceased Hoban Washburne. After her mother's death Hope occasionally visited her uncle Mal. Strong willed and stubborn, Hope is the best mercenary there is as well as sarcastic and reckless.


Hope is hot-tempered, arrogant, brave, and strong. She is also defensive and very protective of her good friend Melody Tam. Although he liked to give the impression of a gruff loner, Hope values her friendships and shows a sensitive side only to a select few.



Winnet Lee Faye TamEdit

  • Hope is Winnie's good friend and rival, They have known each other for a long time, but their relationship seems to be somewhat complicated. The two do not understand their differences and they often cause fights, Winnie being cool and cheeky and Hope being tough and serious.

Derrial Lee Faye TamEdit

  • Hope and Derry are always there to help each other, their friendship growing until they had a more family relationship. As a self inclined debt to Kaylee Hope promised to protect Winnie and Derry with her life. Derry also used to depend on Hope a lot, but later realized that he cannot depend on her forever.

Melody TamEdit

  • Melody is fond of Hope, though Hope pays no heed to Melody. Melody admires Hope's strength and the respect she gets that Melody wishes she received.