Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds is potrayed by Nathan Fillion. A former brown coat now captain of the Serenity. Mal doesn't take kindly to Derrial and Melody's arrival on Serenity but learns to trust them after finding out their origins.


Though wary in his personal dealings, Mal put great stock in the fundamental goodness of people in general. This faith in an individuals' abilities to do the right thing manifested strongly in his very negative view of governmental institutions. "Governments," he said, are for "getting in a man's way."The Alliance, whose government seemed particularly fond of interference and regulation, was thus his logical nemesis. His contempt for the Alliance never completely disappeared (although he once said that he "wouldn't mind makin' a buck off 'em", implying that if the Alliance wanted to hire him for a job, he might consider it), and, although he was on the losing side of the Unification War, years later he still wasn't convinced it was the wrong one. His anti-government attitude was reflected in his choice to live on a spaceship, drifting from world to world, as far away from Alliance interference as possible.




Mal and Derry meeting during a con

Mal meeting Derry

Mal's relationship with Derry has most often been a rocky one. When Kaylee revealed she was pregnant, Mal was originally excited until the war broke out and Kaylee died. He remained very protective of Derry all the way until he died in the war. Upon his return into the past, he immediately attempted to strike a deal with Mal in the middle of a con, much to Mal's suspicion and confusion. After finding out Derry's origin Mal became protective of him once again but to Derry's annoyance.

Melody TamEdit

Melody had a rather strained relationship with Mal. She frequently stood up to Mal when she thought he was being unfair or cruel and was not above defying him to do what was right.