William "Willy" Redforx portrayed by Dylan O'brien. A former companion turned medic. Originally being hired by Winnet to keep an eye on Derrial he became Derry's best friend as well and also fell in love with Derry's cousin Melody.


Originally coming off as somewhat of a dimwit Willy is the opposite. Incredibly devious as well as manipulative Willy could con you into believing you were dead given the right equipment. He is very sarcastic and gets into trouble for his mouth sometimes but despite this he is quick on his feet so it's easy for him to get out of these sitations.



Derry and Will, best friends


Derry and Willy have been very close friends for a long time - in fact, Willy is Derry’s only friend. Despite their closeness, Willy really doesn’t talk about his past nor share his secrets with Derry.


Melody TamEdit

Melody and Will

Will has a hopeless crush on Melody much to her obliviousness Melody sees Will as only Derry's best friend, and the crush of her own. She originally assigned him as Derry's secret body guard, unknown to Derry, but he eventually became Derry's best friend which Melody appreciates.