Winnet "Winnie" Lee Frye Tam potrayed by Nina Dobrev. With a protective attitude and the abilities to back it up, Winnie used to lead the new Independence after the death of her father. Her cool and disciplined character is a opposite match for her father, who was a doctor, the opposite of a soldier.


Early AgeEdit

Winnie was exposed to war at a very young age when she helped save Derrial's life when Kaylee was killed well pregnant with him. She was raised by her father and aunt before their deaths. After that Winnie took it upon herself to become the "mama cub" of the family.


She became the leader of the Independence after the deaths of River and Simon despite the objections of others.


Winnie is sunny and approachable, but also decisive and formidable, and willing to put her life on the line for what she believes. She is good at hiding her own weakness, and does not put her trust in others. Two weeks before the events of "Firefly The Next Generation" Winnie was kidnapped by the Alliance, coming back as a soldier under their command who believed in them for reasons unknown to even Derrial.




Derial and Winnie
  • Derrial and Winnie were orphans since they lost their parents to the war. Winnie became extreamly protective of Derrial and refused to let him near any battles or anything related to it. Winnie being kidnapped by the Independance is what pushed Derrial into going into the past.

Melody TamEdit

Melody ans Winnie
  • Winnie is Melody's cousin and the two became extremely close. Winnie comforted Melody after Simon and River's deaths. After Winnie took command, Melody became like her first hand woman helping Winnie constantly. After Winnie's kidnapping Melody travels into the future next to Derrial.


Hope Alleyne WashburneEdit

  • Hope is Winnie's good friend and rival, They have known each other for a long time, but their relationship seems to be somewhat complicated. The two do not understand their differences and they often cause fights, Winnie being cool and cheeky and Hope being tough and serious.